Python – How to determine if current time is within a specified range using Python’s datetime module


What would be the best way to see if the current time lies between say 10:30 AM and 4:30 PM.

I could think of the following, not sure how correct:

from datetime import datetime
nw =
hrs = nw.hour;mins = nw.minute;secs = nw.second;
zero = timedelta(seconds = secs+mins*60+hrs*3600)
st = nw - zero # this take me to 0 hours. 
time1 = st + timedelta(seconds=10*3600+30*60) # this gives 10:30 AM
time2 = st + timedelta(seconds=16*3600+30*60)  # this gives 4:30 PM
if nw>= time1 or nw <= time2:
    print "yes, within the interval"

Please let me know if this the correct approach, can something better be written?

Best Solution

My original answer focused very specifically on the question as posed and didn't accommodate time ranges that span midnight. As this is still the accepted answer 6 years later, I've incorporated @rouble's answer below that expanded on mine to support midnight.

from datetime import datetime, time

def is_time_between(begin_time, end_time, check_time=None):
    # If check time is not given, default to current UTC time
    check_time = check_time or datetime.utcnow().time()
    if begin_time < end_time:
        return check_time >= begin_time and check_time <= end_time
    else: # crosses midnight
        return check_time >= begin_time or check_time <= end_time

# Original test case from OP
is_time_between(time(10,30), time(16,30))

# Test case when range crosses midnight
is_time_between(time(22,0), time(4,00))

I still stick to my original comment below that most applications of this logic would probably be better suited with datetime objects where crossing midnight is reflected as a date change anyway.