Python – How to round to 2 decimals with Python


I am getting a lot of decimals in the output of this code (Fahrenheit to Celsius converter).

My code currently looks like this:

def main():

def typeHere():
    global Fahrenheit
        Fahrenheit = int(raw_input("Hi! Enter Fahrenheit value, and get it in Celsius!\n"))
    except ValueError:
        print "\nYour insertion was not a digit!"
        print "We've put your Fahrenheit value to 50!"
        Fahrenheit = 50
    return Fahrenheit

def formeln(c):
    Celsius = (Fahrenheit - 32.00) * 5.00/9.00
    return Celsius

def printC(answer):
    answer = str(answer)
    print "\nYour Celsius value is " + answer + " C.\n"


So my question is, how do I make the program round every answer to the 2nd decimal place?

Best Solution

You can use the round function, which takes as its first argument the number and the second argument is the precision after the decimal point.

In your case, it would be:

answer = str(round(answer, 2))