Python – How to stop Python parse_qs from parsing single values into lists


In python 2.6, the following code:

import urlparse
qsdata = "test=test&test2=test2&test2=test3"
qs = urlparse.parse_qs(qsdata)
print qs

Gives the following output:

{'test': ['test'], 'test2': ['test2', 'test3']}

Which means that even though there is only one value for test, it is still being parsed into a list. Is there a way to ensure that if there's only one value, it is not parsed into a list, so that the result would look like this?

{'test': 'test', 'test2': ['test2', 'test3']}

Best Solution

A sidenote for someone just wanting a simple dictionary and never needing multiple values with the same key, try:


This will give you a nice {'foo': 'bar', 'baz': 'qux'}. Please note that if there are multiple values for the same key, you'll only get the last one.