Python – How to tell Buildout to install a egg from a URL (w/o pypi)


I have some egg accessible as a URL, say .
Now I don't have this somepkg listed on pypi. How do I tell buildout to fetch and install it for me.
I have tried a few recipes but no luck so far.


Best Solution

You should just be able to add a 'find-links' option to your [buildout] section within the buildout.cfg file. I just tested this internally with the following buildout.cfg.

find-links  = http://buildslave01/eggs/hostapi.core-1.0_r102-py2.4.egg
parts = mypython

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
interpreter = mypython
eggs = hostapi.core

You can just specify the full path to the egg as the value to 'find-links.' Make sure the egg's 'pyx.y' version matches your local Python version. If they don't match, you'll get a not found error which is slightly misleading.