Python – How to unquote a urlencoded unicode string in python


I have a unicode string like "Tanım" which is encoded as "Tan%u0131m" somehow. How can i convert this encoded string back to original unicode.
Apparently urllib.unquote does not support unicode.

Best Solution

%uXXXX is a non-standard encoding scheme that has been rejected by the w3c, despite the fact that an implementation continues to live on in JavaScript land.

The more common technique seems to be to UTF-8 encode the string and then % escape the resulting bytes using %XX. This scheme is supported by urllib.unquote:

>>> urllib2.unquote("%0a")

Unfortunately, if you really need to support %uXXXX, you will probably have to roll your own decoder. Otherwise, it is likely to be far more preferable to simply UTF-8 encode your unicode and then % escape the resulting bytes.

A more complete example:

>>> u"Tanım"
>>> url = urllib.quote(u"Tanım".encode('utf8'))
>>> urllib.unquote(url).decode('utf8')