Python IDE built into Visual Studio 2008


Hi I develop in Visual Studio 2008 a lot and would like to find an addin like vsphp which enables intellisense and debugging in Visual Studio. Is IronStudio what I am looking for? As far as I understand IronStudio is a Plugin for .NET.

If there is no Plugin for Visual Studio 2008 whats a great IDE for a python newbee who loves Visual Studio (hate netbeans and eclipse sorry just don't feel the love)

Also if IronPython Studio is an IDE do I want the Isolated or Integrated Version? I don't seem to understand the name.

I installed integrated and got this: 🙁 no console like here:

Best Solution

Have a look at PyScripter, I haven't tried it extensively but heard good things about it.

It's not an addon to Visual Studio, it's an independent IDE.