Python Imaging Library save function syntax


Simple one I think but essentially I need to know what the syntax is for the save function on the PIL. The help is really vague and I can't find anything online. Any help'd be great, thanks :).

Best Solution

From the PIL Handbook:, options...), format, options...)

Simplest case:'my_image.png')

or whatever. In this case, the type of the image will be determined from the extension. Is there a particular problem you're having? Or specific saving option that you'd like to use but aren't sure how to do so?

You may be able to find additional information in the documentation on each filetype. The PIL Handbox Appendixes list the different file types that are supported. In some cases, options are given for save. For example, on the JPEG file format page, we're told that save supports

  • quality
  • optimize, and
  • progressive

with notes about each option.