Python – Integrating MySQL with Python in Windows


I am finding it difficult to use MySQL with Python in my windows system.

I am currently using Python 2.6. I have tried to compile MySQL-python-1.2.3b1 (which is supposed to work for Python 2.6 ?) source code using the provided setup scripts. The setup script runs and it doesn't report any error but it doesn't generate _mysql module.

I have also tried setting up MySQL for Python 2.5 with out success. The problem with using 2.5 is that Python 2.5 is compiled with visual studio 2003 (I installed it using the provided binaries). I have visual studio 2005 on my windows system. Hence setuptools fails to generate _mysql module.

Any help ?

Best Solution

Download page for python-mysqldb. The page includes binaries for 32 and 64 bit versions of for Python 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7.

There's also discussion on getting rid of the deprecation warning.

UPDATE: This is an old answer. Currently, I would recommend using PyMySQL. It's pure python, so it supports all OSes equally, it's almost a drop-in replacement for mysqldb, and it also works with python 3. The best way to install it is using pip. You can install it from here (more instructions here), and then run:

pip install pymysql