Python – Invalid syntax python starred expressions


I am trying to unpack set of phone numbers from a sequence, python shell in turn throws an invalid syntax error. I am using python 2.7.1. Here is the snippet

 >>> record = ('Dave', '', '773-555-1212', '847-555-1212')
 >>> name, email, *phone-numbers = record
 SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Please explain. Is there any other way of doing the same?

Best Solution

You are using Python 3 specific syntax in Python 2.

The * syntax for extended iterable unpacking in assignments is not available in Python 2.

See Python 3.0, new syntax and PEP 3132.

Use a function with * splat argument unpacking to simulate the same behaviour in Python 2:

def unpack_three(arg1, arg2, *rest):
    return arg1, arg2, rest

name, email, phone_numbers = unpack_three(*user_record)

or use list slicing.