Python language API


I'm starting with Python coming from java.

I was wondering if there exists something similar to JavaDoc API where I can find the class, its methods and and example of how to use it.

I've found very helpul to use help( thing ) from the Python ( command line )

I have found this also:

But it seems to help when you already have the class name you are looking for. In JavaDoc API I have all the classes so if I need something I scroll down to a class that "sounds like" what I need. Or some times I just browse all the classes to see what they do, and when I need a feature my brain recalls me We saw something similar in the javadoc remember!?

But I don't seem to find the similar in Python ( yet ) and that why I'm posting this questin.

BTW I know that I would eventually will read this:

But, well, I think it is not today.

Best Solution


I'm not sure if you're looking for something more sophisticated, but it does the trick.