Python – Making python/tkinter label widget update


I'm working on getting a python/tkinter label widget to update its contents. Per an earlier thread today, I followed instructions on how to put together the widgets. At runtime, however, the label widget does NOT change contents, but simply retains its original content. As far as I can tell, decrement_widget() is never called at all. Any ideas?

def snooze (secs):
  Snoozes for the given number of seconds. During the snooze, a progress
  dialog is launched notifying the 

  root = Tkinter.Tk()
  prompt = 'hello'
  label1 = Tkinter.Label(root, text=prompt, width=len(prompt))

  remaining = secs

  def decrement_label ():
    text = "Snoozing %d sec(s)" % remaining
    remaining -= 1
    label1.config(text=text, width=100)

  for i in range(1, secs + 1):
    root.after(i * 1000, decrement_label )

  root.after((i+1) * 1000, lambda : root.destroy())

Best Solution

You'll want to set the label's textvariable with a StringVar; when the StringVar changes (by you calling myStringVar.set("text here")), then the label's text also gets updated. And yes, I agree, this is a strange way to do things.

See the Tkinter Book for a little more information on this:

You can associate a Tkinter variable with a label. When the contents of the variable changes, the label is automatically updated:

v = StringVar()
Label(master, textvariable=v).pack()

v.set("New Text!")