Python – Sort Tuples Python


I have a list of tuples in my Blender python code

scores=[(1489,"Sean"), (2850,"Bob"), (276,"Crap Player"), (78495, "Great Player"), (8473, "Damian"), (4860, "Andy"), (0, "Stephen")]

I'm trying to sort them by their score by using this

sorted(scores, key=lambda score: score[0], reverse=True)

but this is not working. I have no idea why. Any tips?

I've considered maybe a better implementation is to create a new Score class with fields name and score


Thanks guys for the fast reply

it was giving me no errors with the sorted method but was not sorting.
I used the sort() and it works.

I think python is just a little weird in Blender maybe?


Best Solution

Just do:

print sorted(scores, reverse=True)
[(78495, 'Great Player'), (8473, 'Damian'), (4860, 'Andy'), (2850, 'Bob'), (1489, 'Sean'), (276, 'Crap Player'), (0, 'Stephen')]

you can use scores.sort(reverse=True) if you want to sort in place, and by the way the sort function in case of list of tuple by default sort by first item , second item ..