Python – What are some common uses for Python decorators?


While I like to think of myself as a reasonably competent Python coder, one aspect of the language I've never been able to grok is decorators.

I know what they are (superficially), I've read tutorials, examples, questions on Stack Overflow, and I understand the syntax, can write my own, occasionally use @classmethod and @staticmethod, but it never occurs to me to use a decorator to solve a problem in my own Python code. I never encounter a problem where I think, "Hmm…this looks like a job for a decorator!"

So, I'm wondering if you guys might offer some examples of where you've used decorators in your own programs, and hopefully I'll have an "A-ha!" moment and get them.

Best Solution

I use decorators mainly for timing purposes

def time_dec(func):

  def wrapper(*arg):
      t = time.clock()
      res = func(*arg)
      print func.func_name, time.clock()-t
      return res

  return wrapper

def myFunction(n):