Python – Where to get/How to build Windows binary of mod_wsgi with python 3.0 support


I wanted to experiment a little with python 3.0 at home. I got python 3.0 working, I've played around with some scripts, and I thought it would be fun to try to make a small web-project with it.

As I was googling, it turned out, that mod_python, for some reasons, will not be able to support python 3.0.

The only other alternative I've found is mod_wsgi.

On the main page of the mod_wsgi project, it says, that if you want to play with python 3.0, you have to get the latest version from subversion repository. I was wondering, if there is somewhere a pre-built windows binaries available?

If there are no such binaries, then I'd be thankful for any resources about building it with VC++ 2008. Or maybe even general resources about building apache and it's modules with VC++ 2008. Thanks.

Oh and, I'm using the latest Apache 2.2 release.

EDIT: Will it be a problem, if I'll be using the official apache build with my own build of a mod_wsgi (I used depends.exe on apache, and seems that it's not built with VC++ 2008)?

Best Solution

Binaries for Windows are now being supplied from the mod_wsgi site for Apache 2.2 and Python 2.6 and 3.0. Python 3.0 is only supported for mod_wsgi 3.0 onwards. See:

UPDATE July 2015

The above link is no longer valid. Instead see: