Python – Why does Python pep-8 strongly recommend spaces over tabs for indentation?


I see on Stack Overflow and PEP 8 that the recommendation is to use spaces only for indentation in Python programs. I can understand the need for consistent indentation and I have felt that pain.

Is there an underlying reason for spaces to be preferred? I would have thought that tabs were far easier to work with.

Best Solution

Well well, seems like everybody is strongly biased towards spaces. I use tabs exclusively. I know very well why.

Tabs are actually a cool invention, that came after spaces. It allows you to indent without pushing space millions of times or using a fake tab (that produces spaces).

I really don't get why everybody is discriminating the use of tabs. It is very much like old people discriminating younger people for choosing a newer more efficient technology and complaining that pulse dialing works on every phone, not just on these fancy new ones. "Tone dialing doesn't work on every phone, that's why it is wrong".

Your editor cannot handle tabs properly? Well, get a modern editor. Might be darn time, we are now in the 21st century and the time when an editor was a high tech complicated piece of software is long past. We have now tons and tons of editors to choose from, all of them that support tabs just fine. Also, you can define how much a tab should be, a thing that you cannot do with spaces. Cannot see tabs? What is that for an argument? Well, you cannot see spaces neither!

May I be so bold to suggest to get a better editor? One of these high tech ones, that were released some 10 years ago already, that display invisible characters? (sarcasm off)

Using spaces causes a lot more deleting and formatting work. That is why (and all other people that know this and agree with me) use tabs for Python.

Mixing tabs and spaces is a no-no and no argument about that. That is a mess and can never work.

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