Python’s MySqlDB not getting updated row


I have a script that waits until some row in a db is updated:

con = MySQLdb.connect(server, user, pwd, db)

When the script starts the row's value is "running", and it waits for the value to become "finished"

    sql = '''select value from table where some_condition'''
    cur = self.getCursor()
    r = cur.fetchone()
    res = r['value']
    if res == 'finished':
    print res

When I run this script it hangs forever. Even though I see the value of the row has changed to "finished" when I query the table, the printout of the script is still "running".

Is there some setting I didn't set?

EDIT: The python script only queries the table. The update to the table is carried out by a tomcat webapp, using JDBC, that is set on autocommit.

Best Solution

This is an InnoDB table, right? InnoDB is transactional storage engine. Setting autocommit to true will probably fix this behavior for you.


Alternatively, you could change the transaction isolation level. You can read more about this here:

The reason for this behavior is that inside a single transaction the reads need to be consistent. All consistent reads within the same transaction read the snapshot established by the first read. Even if you script only reads the table this is considered a transaction too. This is the default behavior in InnoDB and you need to change that or run conn.commit() after each read.

This page explains this in more details: