Qt – How to specify different Debug/Release output directories in QMake .pro file


I have a Qt project and I would like to output compilation files outside the source tree.

I currently have the following directory structure:


Depending on the configuration (debug/release), I will like to output the resulting files inside the build directory under build/debug or build/release directories.

How can I do that using a .pro file?

Best Solution

For my Qt project, I use this scheme in *.pro file:

HEADERS += src/dialogs.h
SOURCES += src/main.cpp \

Release:DESTDIR = release
Release:OBJECTS_DIR = release/.obj
Release:MOC_DIR = release/.moc
Release:RCC_DIR = release/.rcc
Release:UI_DIR = release/.ui

Debug:DESTDIR = debug
Debug:OBJECTS_DIR = debug/.obj
Debug:MOC_DIR = debug/.moc
Debug:RCC_DIR = debug/.rcc
Debug:UI_DIR = debug/.ui

It`s simple, but nice! :)

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