Qt – Non-resizeable QDialog with fixed size in Qt


I have a Qt dialog application. Now I dont want that dialog to be resizeable. I am not sure how to achieve this. I tried a bunch of things but still when the dialog launches this dialog can be resized.

What is the property that i should set to disable the dialog/Widget resize.

I also tried


But i get an error saying..

source\nimcac_settingsMain.cpp(36) : error C2248:
**'QSizePolicy::QSizePolicy' : cannot access private member declared in class 'QSizePolicy'**
kernel\qsizepolicy.h(177) : see declaration of 'QSizePolicy::QSizePolicy'
kernel\qsizepolicy.h(34) : see declaration of 'QSizePolicy'

Kindly help me out with this.

Best Solution

The compile error you get is because you try to pass a QSizePolicy::Policy to setSizePolicy(QSizePolicy), but there's no implicit conversion from QSizePolicy::Policy (which is the policy for one dimension) to QSizePolicy (which is a class containing, among other things, one Policy per dimension (height, width)). QSizePolicy doesn't work on top-level widgets (windows) anyway, though.

setFixedSize() only works if you know the size of the dialog in advance (and usually you don't, what with changing font sizes and languages). You can do

window()->setFixedSize( window()->sizeHint() );

but it's much better to use

window->layout()->setSizeConstraint( QLayout::SetFixedSize );

That lets the layout determine the size of the dialog, but doesn't allow resizing, which I assume is what you were asking for.

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