3D modeling for programmers


I'm studying Computer Graphics as part of my curriculum at my university. The course focuses on scene modeling, rather than rendering or other aspects of computer graphics. We're learning the math behind it and OpenSceneGraph to actually run something.

As part of the HW, and also out of sheer interest, I need to create a 3D model, and I have artistic freedom in this regard. I also have freedom to model it directly in code, or load a model I do in a tool of my choosing.

The problem is, I'm not good in the visual art – I have lots of good ideas, but no clue how to model them. I can't draw or sketch well, either. But, I want to be able to do CG.

How would you suggest I approach 3D modeling?


EDIT: Some people have down voted this (w/o leaving a comment). Let me emphasize – I'm a programmer, and I want to get familiar with an art that is adjacent to ours. Make no mistake, it is a programming relevant question.

EDIT 2: Thanks for all who answered. I'll choose my accepted answer after I look at the alternatives you suggested. I apologize for the (expected) delay.


  • I have decided to look into Blender. I'm looking into some of its video tutorials mentioned by Ruben Steins.
    Thanks Ruben.
  • I did take a quick peek at MilkShape 3D and will use it if I see Blender is too much for my needs, or my current learning "budget" (time, attention).
    Thanks m3rLinEz.
  • After I learn some basic skills, I intend to follow Mastermind's advice.
    Thank you Mastermind.
  • When I've done some 3D art, and am ready to improve my skills, I'm going to visit the places fa. had posted.
    Thank you too, fa.

Thanks to all those who took time to reply, and all those who were open minded enough not to downvote a programming, but not code, related question.

Best Solution

  1. Download Blender
  2. View the video tutorials or read this online tutorial
  3. Use the osgExport for Blender to get your models into OSG

If you want a really cool model, this process will take some time, but you should be able to get a quicky model within a week or so.

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