About “If..” in Scheme (plt-scheme)


I had a pretty simple requirement in my Scheme program to execute more
than one statement, in the true condition of a 'if'. . So I write my
code, something like this:

(if (= 1 1)
 ((expression1) (expression2))  ; these 2 expressions are to be
                                ; executed when the condition is true

Obviously, the above doesn't work, since I have unintentionally
created a # procedure with # arguments. So, to get my
work done, I simply put the above expressions in a new function and
call it from there, in place of the expression1, expression2. It

So, my point here is: is there any other conditional construct which
may support my requirement here?

Best Solution

In MIT-Scheme, which is not very different, you can use begin:

(if (= 1 1)
    (begin expression1 expression2)

Or use Cond:

(cond ((= 1 1) expression1 expression2)
      (else expression3))
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