R – Actionscript 3 animation using png’s, reload or hide


using flash and actionscript 3 I want to use a lot of png's as animation. I currently use a Loader object to load these images. But now I am wondering what the best way would be to show these animations:


Every time a have to show a new png, I could use the loader to load it, just having one loader:

var image:Loader = new Loader();

And using this function everytime a new image is used as part of the animation:

image.load(new URLRequest(location));


I could also create dozens of loaders, one for every image, and hide every loader except the one that I want shown. When I want to animation to continue, I hide the current one and show the next one. This would mean creating A LOT of Loader objects.

Which way would be the best? Or is there a third even better way to do this?

Best Solution

The Flash IDE's main purpose is precisely this... I know many people hate it to develop, and with good reasons, but I really think that the ideal tool for animating in Flash is the Flash IDE.

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