Adobe Reader Command Line Reference


Is there any official command line (switches) reference for the different versions of
Adobe (formerly Acrobat) Reader?

I didn't find anything on Adobe Developer Connection.

Especially I want to:

  • Start Reader and open a file
  • Open a file at a specific position (page)
  • Close Reader (or single file)

Best Solution

You can find something about this in the Adobe Developer FAQ. (It's a PDF document rather than a web page, which I guess is unsurprising in this particular case.)

The FAQ notes that the use of the command line switches is unsupported.

To open a file it's:

AcroRd32.exe <filename>

The following switches are available:

  • /n - Launch a new instance of Reader even if one is already open
  • /s - Don't show the splash screen
  • /o - Don't show the open file dialog
  • /h - Open as a minimized window
  • /p <filename> - Open and go straight to the print dialog
  • /t <filename> <printername> <drivername> <portname> - Print the file the specified printer.
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