Google-apps-script – ALL Custom Functions return “unknown function” in one spreadsheet, but work in others


I have a few Simple Custom Functions that I use all the time. I have recently run into a spreadsheet that I desperately need to use them in, but when I try to use even the most basic custom functions, I get "#NAME?" with a hover text of "unknown function".

Even deleting all other code, and trying just this simple function, doesn't seem to work:

function double(d) {
  return 2*d;

When I duplicate the spreadsheet, the code that comes with it DOES work.

A few Notes:

  1. This is a Google Apps for Enterprise account.

  2. I was originally not the owner on this spreadsheet, but have since become the owner, thinking that this might be the cause.

  3. The spreadsheet originally had protected regions, which have since been removed, thinking that this might be the cause.

This spreadsheet is shared with hundreds of people, so I really want to find the root cause and fix it.

Any thoughts?

Best Solution

Way too late for the OP, but in case this helps someone else: I had a similar issue where my spreadsheet suddenly stopped recognising custom functions that have been working for months. No code changes have been made recently and the spreadsheet hadn't even been edited since it last worked. When I went to Tools > Script editor it still showed the code with the custom functions.

Reloading the page and closing and reopening didn't fix it. I added a simple parameterless wrapper function to call the custom function with some appropriate arguments.

I then ran this wrapper function in the debugger with a breakpoint in the original custom function. When it hit this, I switched back to the spreadsheet and it could magically see the custom functions again.

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