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I have my instance of the Amazon AWS running, test page is up.

I am trying to SFTP the files to the server to display my website. I have Filezilla connected to the AWS server but when I try to move the files from my local machine to the /var/www/html directory, it says permission denied.

I just figured out I CAN move the files to the /home/ec2-user directory. So my files are on the server I guess. But when I try to move them from there to the /var/www/html directory, it still won't move them, permission denied.

I've been researching this for approximately 2 hours now but I haven't been able to locate the answer to this.

Any help is greatly appreciated, i'm so close! Haha



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Best Solution

To allow user ec2-user (Amazon AWS) write access to the public web directory (/var/www/html),
enter this command via Putty or Terminal, as the root user sudo:

chown -R ec2-user /var/www/html

Make sure permissions on that entire folder were correct:

chmod -R 755 /var/www/html


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