An SVN error (200 OK) when checking out from the online repository


I'm trying to set up my first repository on my host and am getting this error when I use TortoiseSVN to checkout the project:

Error: OPTIONS of '': 200 OK (

Here is what I did:

  1. Ssh into my host and head to /home/myaccnt and 'svnadmin create svn'

  2. Create my project repository: 'svn mkdir svn/myproject'

  3. Add files to the repository: cd /home/myaccnt/…/myproject (which has /tags, /branch, /trunk); 'svn import file:///home/myaccnt/svn/myproject' (the big old list of files being added is seen at this point.)
    At this point I think that I've setup my repository and imported my project into the repository. So, I'm ready to checkout using TortoiseSVN on my Windows box. So:

  4. In the folder I'd like to checkout to, I right click and SVN Checkout, and then make sure my URL is:


Error: OPTIONS of '': 200 OK (

Anyone have any thoughts for me? I'm likely missing something fundamental with the structure of my repository or htaccess… or something.

Best Solution

I had to dig into this issue too and found the following pages which lead me to the solution: - (See especially the link to "Julian's patch".)

There is stated that the "OPTIONS of <url>: 200 (<url>) OK" error is quite misleading and often just means that the repository URL is wrong.

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