Are there any High Level, easy to install GUI libraries for Common Lisp?


Are there any good, cross platform (SBCL and CLISP at the very least) easy to install GUI libraries?

Best Solution

Ltk is quite popular, very portable, and reasonably well documented through the Tk docs. Installation on SBCL is as easy as saying:

(require :asdf-install)
(asdf-install:install :ltk)

There's also Cells-Gtk, which is reported to be quite usable but may have a slightly steeper learning curve because of its reliance on Cells.

EDIT: Note that ASDF-INSTALL is integrated this well with SBCL only. Installing libraries from within other Lisp implementations may prove harder. (Personally, I always install my libraries from within SBCL and then use them from all implementations.) Sorry about any confusion this may have caused.

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