ARMV4i (Windows Mobile 6) Native Code disassembler


Does anyone know of a disassembler for ARMV4i executables and DLLs?

I've got a plug-in DLL I'm writing with a very rare data abort (<5% of the time) that I have narrowed down to a specific function (via dumpbin and the address output by the data abort). However, it is a fairly large function and I would like to narrow it down a little. I know it's happening in a memset() call, but that particular function has about 35 of them, so I was hoping that by looking at the disassembly I could figure out where about the problem actually is.

Best Solution

IDA Pro will definitely do ARM disassembly. And they (Datarescue) once arranged me a licence at about 11PM local time, so I like to recommend them...

I see from that there's been some rearrangement of the company, but I guess it's still a good product.

Here's the link to the new publisher:

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