R – ASP.NET MVC performance has suddenly become very slow


I'm using Billy McCafferty's rather excellent S#arp Architecture. Everything was spiffing and running very quickly.

I then updated to the the latest ASP.NET MVC RC. This meant I had to get the latest trunk of S#arp.

Also, two weeks ago, I updated from XP to Vista (32 bit)

My problem is that the performance has suddenly become woeful.

Everything seems to work, however it's become really slow. Each http request is taking 1 second. Yes, one metric second – which you can imagine is making the page load like the webserver is being powered by an arthritic donkey in a giant, hastily constructed mouse wheel.

Every script or image on the page adds one second to the loading time.

  • I don't have log4net turned on so I don't think it's that.
  • This is running on the homepage so there's only a very minimal database stuff going on (which is very quick anyway)
  • This is happening for simple images too, so I think it's got to be something at the routing or webserver level.

Any ideas what else it could be?

Best Solution

This is just a guess but i've seen slowness coming from having IPv6 enabled especially when using Firefox on localhost.