Wpf – Best way to make WPF ListView/GridView sort on column-header clicking


There are lots of solutions on the internet attempting to fill this seemingly very-basic omission from WPF. I'm really confused as to what would be the "best" way. For example… I want there to be little up/down arrows in the column header to indicate sort direction. There are apparently like 3 different ways to do this, some using code, some using markup, some using markup-plus-code, and all seeming rather like a hack.

Has anyone run into this problem before, and found a solution they are completely happy with? It seems bizarre that such a basic WinForms piece of functionality is missing from WPF and needs to be hacked in.

Best Solution

I wrote a set of attached properties to automatically sort a GridView, you can check it out here. It doesn't handle the up/down arrow, but it could easily be added.

<ListView ItemsSource="{Binding Persons}"
                <GridViewColumn Header="Name"
                                DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding Name}"
                <GridViewColumn Header="First name"
                                DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding FirstName}"
                <GridViewColumn Header="Date of birth"
                                DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding DateOfBirth}"
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