Best way to organize a subversion repository of many small projects


To start out, I have looked at the following pages and don't quite have my answer:
how-would-you-organize-a-subversion-repository-for-in-house-software-projects and

I have also looked at chapter 8 of Pragmatic Version Control using Subversion.

They all have good advice, but I'm having a hard time relating it to my needs.

Basically, I want to organize the code for our web server. We have a $WEBROOT/htdocs and $WEBROOT/cgi-bin. Under our htdocs dir we have $WEBROOT/htdocs/js and $WEBROOT/htdocs/css for java script and style sheets.

Our "projects" are not really projects, but small bits of code – maybe a Perl script, java script file, and a style sheet. We have maybe a hundred or so of these small "projects" that are all pretty much independent of each other, but all live under the same $WEBROOT on the same webserver.

Our code is not in subversion yet, but I want it to be – I am just having trouble organizing it efficiently. We can have multiple svn repositories if needed, but if each repository was only 3-10 elements, that seems like a waste to me.

What I thought could work is something like this: If I write a script to count the running processes on the webserver (for the sake of an example). Let's say I have a perl script, a js file, and a css file. I could name the "project" webserver_processes, and check it into the repository as:


Under trunk, I could have:


I don't have any static html docs in this "project" but if i did, they would go in the "html" directory.

The benefit I see in this structure is that I can checkout one "project" at a time without really affecting anything else on the web server. The disadvantage (and maybe it isn't really a disadvantage) is deploying. I would have to deploy 1 project at a time from the repository. I don't see how it would be possible to create a working copy with my structure of $WEBROOT/htdocs and $WEBROOT/cgi-bin using this method.

Another option:

I could create a svn repository like this:


Under trunk would be all of the code on my web server, in these two directories:


The huge disadvantage would be, for a small code change to 1 element, I would have to checkout every piece of code in my web environment. The benefit (somewhat) would be I could do an "svn update" on our web server to pick up any changes committed to the repository.

Maybe I am just making this more complex than it should be, but does anyone have any advice on how I could efficiently organize my code in subversion?

Many thanks in advance!


Best Solution

I think you're making the right call by keeping a single repository for your many projects, so I would only make a change to your deployment process:

Your svn repo would look like (your first option.)


When you want to deploy use a script to copy the file(s) to where they ought to be deployed.

This way, you're keeping an artificial barrier (a folder) up to organize your thoughts between projects rather than having just a big mess of files.

edit:accidentally saved & additional directories added for clarity