Excel – Building a user interface to an Excel model


I built an excel model used to analyze real estate transactions. I would like to create a user interface to overlay the model so that the file can be distributed to clients to evaluate potential investments

The interface will serve two primary functions:
1)Enhance the user experience by creating an easy to follow input page. The entered data will then flow through to the model from which reports will be generated for the user to view.
2)Protect the intellectual property of the model by restricting the user from the underlying model. The user will not be able to view or edit the formulas in the excel file.

I believe this can be done using MS Acess/Visual Basics but I was hoping to find a program that is more professional looking. Can anyone suggest a program/programming language in which this type of user interface could be created?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best Solution

You don't have to use Access, VBA (Visual Basic For Applications) is built right into Excel. There are good books available and lots of web resources. Your main problem seems to be the UI is not professional - I'd disagree, out of the box it will look like an application developed 5-10 years ago, but it will still work and look ok.

If you want a really slick interface, I'd suggest you look at WPF and integrating that into Excel. However there is a big learning curve to get that going, I'd get a basic UI going, show/sell that to your customers, and then ask them what they want.