R – Can you create Jira release notes from Cruise control or Nant


I would like to include release notes with every release of our intranet project. We use Jira. Is there a way to generate the release notes automatically based on the fixes that were submitted to SVN? We usually check the files back with the jira key id.

Best Solution


To my knowledge Jira does not offer a way to retrieve this information in a straight-forward manner on a jira number basis. However, it has been quite some time since I looked into this. Jira does generate release notes for all jiras contained within a release (fixes checked in or not). What I have done in the past, as part of the release build, is to have a script retrieve the contents of the "Edit/Copy Release Notes" jira url and paste that into an xml file stored within the build products. If there is a better way to achieve this functionality I would definitely be interested as well.

EDIT: It appears that starting in Jira 3.5 you can retrieve issues by id through the soap interface.

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