Centering a table wider than the text column


I'm including a table in my LaTeX document and the centering works fine if the table isn't wider than the text column above it, but when the table is wider, the left side of the table sticks to the left side of the text column, and the additional width of the table is on the right side of the page, how can I center the table?

Best Solution

I'd recommend trying the chngpage package.


% allows for temporary adjustment of side margins

% provides filler text

% just makes the table prettier (see \toprule, \bottomrule, etc. commands below)


\lipsum[1]% just a paragraph of filler text

\medskip% adds some space before the table
\begin{adjustwidth}{-1in}{-1in}% adjust the L and R margins by 1 inch
    Sequence & Wide column \\
    First & Vestibulum porta ultricies felis. In nec mi. \\
    Second & Nam vestibulum auctor nibh. In eleifend, 
    lacus id tristique ullamcorper, mauris urna convallis elit. \\
    Third & Ut luctus nisi quam lobortis magna. Aenean sit amet odio 
   et sapien rutrum lobortis. \\ 
    Fourth & Integer dictum accumsan purus. Nullam erat ligula,
    dictum sed, feugiat nec, faucibus id, ipsum. \\
\medskip% adds some space after the table

\noindent\lipsum[2]% just a paragraph of filler text


The documentation for the chngpage package is located at the bottom of the chngpage.sty file. I've pulled out the docs for the adjustwidth environment:

Within an adjustwidth environment the left and right margins can be adjusted. The environment takes one optional argument and two required length arguments:


A positive length value will increase the relevant margin

(shortening the text lines) while a negative length value will decrease the margin (lengthening text lines). An empty length argument means no change to the margin. At the end of the environment the margins revert to their original values.

For example, to extend the text into the right margin:


Any appearance of the optional argument (even just []) will cause the values of the margins to switch between odd and even pages.

If the document is being set twosided it might be advantageous to have any wider text extending into the outside margin. This could be done via the optional argument, as:


To have the adjusted text horizontally centered with respect to any surrounding text, the margins should be adjusted equally: