R – ColdFusion 8.01 not responding…how to investigate what’s wrong


About once in 1 or 2 months, my 32bit CF8.01 (with cumulative hot fix 2) on Windows 2003 Server + IIS6 would somehow freeze for an unknown reason.

The Task Manager reported JRun using ~600mb (far from the ~1.2gb limit). CPU is close to 0%.

I checked the /log, and the latest updated log doesn't have anything particularly interesting going on.

Once I restarted the service, things are fine again..

What would you do to investigate what's wrong?

I searched online and someone suggested it is something called a JRun dead-lock. How do I know if I'm having one of those? How do I prevent such problem?


I looked the at JRun log, and it has a lot of the follow entries:

Couldn't initialize from remote server, JRun server(s) probably down.
returning error page for Connection timed out

jrISAPI could not initialize proxy for

jrISAPI Couldn't initialize from remote server, JRun server(s) probably down.

What's going on!?


Best Solution

You may not want to upgrade your JVM. It really depends on your application. The default JRE with cf 8.01 is Java 1.6, but we found that 1.5 operated much more efficiently for our application, which is object heavy. The Garbage Collection mechanisms were more efficient.

We had Mike Brunt come in to work on this with us, resetting the number of active threads for our system, changing the jrun memory allotment, and testing the various JVMs to see which would work better for us.

The latest JVM is supposed to be better at handling object heavy apps, but in our testing we have still found the 1.5 Garbage Collection to be better suited to our application.

Server tuning gets to be a bit of an art, and a lot of trial and error, to get your environment just right for your application.

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