R – Concurrent ASP.NET session best practices


User A logs into a ticket management system to edit content on "SomePage.aspx"

User B logs in 30 seconds later to edit the same ticket on "SomePage.aspx"

What are some of the best known practices(in a 3-tier architecture) for notifying each of the users that someone else is modifying the same content?

Best Solution

Roundup uses (for example) the optimistic concurrency approach: when you submit your change you may see a warning that someone has made changes before you, with a link to a page showing their changes. You can click Submit to just carry on with your change or edit the values in the form and then submit.

This works OK for a ticketing system because there is little shared state on a ticket -- mostly you append to the message log (or equivalent), so the 2 messages get added one after the other.