Configure SMTP in IIS, so it relays to a remote SMTP server


I want to configure SMTP on my web server, so that any email sent through the SMTP server is relayed to a remote SMTP Server. The IIS SMTP server would have to use SMTP authentication, and use the host name, username and password (as if configuring a normal email client).

Does anybody know if this is possible?

Best Solution

Yes, it' completely possible, and relatively easy to configure.

I've got a couple of articles about SmartHosting on my web site that will probably help:

They're written towards Exchange 2003, but Exchange 2003 used IIS's SMTP engine, so the settings are the same.

Bascially, you right click the SMTP site, select properties, Delivery tab, Outbound security, and enter your credientials in the Basic Authentication fields. Back on the Delivery tab, you then click Advanced and enter the remote SMTP server name in the SmartHost field.


The links above are no longer available.