R – Could you work on a project for more than 10 years without releasing anything?


I was surfing the web and found myself at 3D Realms hiring page.
It sounds quite nice what they are advertising there. Everywhere you can read things like "Freedom from arbitrary completion date pressures".

This sounded very sensible to me since I sometimes have problems with schedules myself. But when I connected the statement with the game they will release "when it's done" Duke Nukem Forever I came to the question: "Could I work on a software project for more than 10 years without releasing anything?"

No release party, no it-finally-shipped feelings etc.

Maybe there are other levels of motivation I don't know about.
How would you feel about that?

Btw. some funny stuff about DNF: http://duke.a-13.net

Best Solution

Yes you can...finding someone who will pay you for ten years without releasing anything is another story though.