Create an ASMX web service from a WSDL file


I have a WSDL file and I am trying to create a web service that conforms to the WSDL.

I've created clients using WSDL files that consume an existing service, but I've never created a web service that needed to follow a specific WSDL.

I've gone as far as using:

wsdl.exe mywsdl.wsdl /l:VB /serverInterface

Now I've got a .vb file generated from that WSDL. However I am not sure what I'm supposed to do with this VB file. It looks like it's got a public interface in there but no class that implements the interface. It also has a bunch of partial classes for the types in the WSDL.

I was expecting there to be some sort of stub where I put in the code to complete the service calls. I've only created simple web services before and none of them used public interfaces so I'm unfamiliar with what is going on here.

At this point I'm not sure how I use the generated .vb file and make it work with an .asmx file and what additional coding is needed to complete the interface.

Best Solution

If you already created interfaces you need to implement those interfaces.
Just create a new web service and add the interface that you generated so that it inherits from that interface. Visual Studio can automatically generate stubs for every method in interface. Mark them with the WebMethod attribute and put some code in that will return some test data/results.

If you have this interface (with some more attributes that were automatically generated):

public interface IRealWebService
    string GetName();


You should make a new service:

public class WebTestService : System.Web.Services.WebService, IRealWebService

    #region IRealWebService Members

    public string GetName()
        return "It Works !!!!";