R – CRUD vs AGUD vs AFUD…what’s your naming convention of preference


Do you write createSomething() or addSomething()?

Do you write readSomething(), getSomething() or fetchSomething()?

This is totally a petty gripe. In the meeting room we refer to it as CRUD, but in actual code, it's becoming AGUD.

What's your naming convention of preference? Does it matter?


Best Solution

I prefer CRUD over AGUD and AFUD.


We are trying to use both of these words to indicate that we are building something new. CREATE leaves no room for interpretation; something that didnt exist before is now being built. ADD can be a little confusing because it could imply that we are adding something that already exists.


To me the problem with GET and FETCH here could be interprated as getting a sole instance of an object in order to modify it. I like using READ because it is clear in the sense that I want to read in an instance of an object and that modifying the modifying the object would require a seperate action.