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I have not configured much keybindings due to my change from QWERTY to Dvorak, 4 months ago. I am using a programmer version of the layout. I find many terminal-based programs, such as Elinks and Vim, easier to use. The experience raises a question:

Which programs are customised for Dvorak?

[Some Elaborating] The term "customised program" means that you can easily use a Dvorak with the program. At least for me, Dvorak has opened my eyes to the shortcuts that I found odd earlier. How about you? Please, do not hesitate mention the programs.

[My Findings]

Opera browser
Opera's keys, such "CTRL+A", "CTRL+E", "CTRL+D" and "CTRL+H", are on the home row in Dvorak. Then, have a look at Qwerty: not on the home row. Is Opera customised for Dvorak or vice versa? Or is it just because of Unix? Earlier, I used Firefox 95% of my time. Now, the ratio is 40% for Firefox.

Terminal apps
The answers have mentioned terminal apps, such as GNU Screen. I am interested to know more about them.

Best Solution

I've been using Dvorak for 10+ years now, and actually have found that most of the QWERTY keybindings are actually just fine on a Dvorak layout.

But, since you're looking for things to customize, I have made extensive bindings changes in gnu emacs for my favorite bindings. It's fully customizable, and a great editor. My .emacs file has over 15 years of changes in it -- I'm sure others here have been using it for much longer than that!

Another great program to customize for keybindings is gnu screen, which I'm beginning to use extensively on the machines that I administer remotely.

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