Delphi – D2009 TStringlist ansistring


The businesswise calm of the summer has started so I picked up the migration to D2009. I roughly determined for every subsystem of the program if they should remain ascii, or can be unicode, and started porting.

It went pretty ok, all components were there in D2009 versions (some, like VSTView, slightly incompatible though) but I now have run into a problem, in some part that must remain ansistring, I extensively use TStringList, mostly as a basic map.

Is there already something easy to replace it with, or should I simply include a cut down ansistring tstringlist, based on old Delphi or FPC source?

I can't imagine I'm the first to run into this?

The changes must be relatively localised, so that the code remains compilable with BDS2006 while I go through the validation-trajectory. A few ifdefs here and there are no problem.
Of course string->ansistring and char ->ansichar etc don't count as modifications in my source, since I have to do that anyway, and it is fully backwards compat.

Edit: I've been able to work away some of the stuff in reader/writer classes. This makes going for Mason's solution easier than I originally thought. I'll holds Gabr's suggestion in mind as a fallback.

Generics is pretty much the reason I bought D2009. Pity that they made it FPC incompatible though

Best Solution

JCL implements TAnsiStrings and TAnsiStringList in the JclAnsiStrings unit.