R – Delphi = Pascal? Resources for Learning?


Well, I am new to Delphi and really offline programming in general (other than the standard C++) and recently acquired a copy of Delphi and was kind of interested in starting with it. I read somewhere that it uses Pascal but I was confused on if it used Pascal, as in it was programmed with it, or if it used Pascal as in the language you code in it. Either way, I was wondering if anyone had any good resources to start learning. Either books or articles/forums online would be splendid. This is a neat little community here so I plan on utilizing this.

Best Solution

Delphi is a pascal-based object-oriented programming language. It's also a product, a large part of which has been programmed using the Delphi language.

Here are some excellent SO questions with answers that contain fantastic suggestions for learning Delphi:

Many of those SO answers contain useful links, including many of the ones provided by others here, along with comments (and SO votes) to help you prioritize them.

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