Ms-access – Difference between DBEngine.BeginTrans and DBEngine.Workspaces(0).BeginTrans


In Access, what is the difference between these two statements?




The documentation for both leads to the same place.

Best Solution

Have a look here: DAO Workspace
And then here: DAO Workspace: Opening a Separate Transaction Space

(The links are for MFC, but they're applicable to whatever you're coding in.)

DBEngine.Workspaces(0) is the default workspace. Other workspaces can be created, which let you work with separate sessions; the idea is that BeginTrans and EndTrans apply to the whole workspace, but if you need to do stuff outside that transaction, you can create another workspace and use it independently of your transactions in the first workspace.

Personally, I never had occasion to use more than one workspace when doing DAO in VBA. * shrug *