.net – DirectoryInfo.GetDirectories() and attributes


I am using DirectoryInfo.GetDirectories() recursively to find the all the sub-directories under a given path.
However, I want to exclude the System folders and there is no clear way for that.
In FindFirstFile/FindNextFile things were clearer with the attributes.

Best Solution

@rslite is right, .NET doesn't give such filtering out-of-box, but it's not hard to implement:

static IEnumerable<string> GetNonSystemDirs(string path)
    var dirs = from d in Directory.GetDirectories(path)
               let inf = new DirectoryInfo(d)
               where (inf.Attributes & FileAttributes.System) == 0
               select d;

    foreach (var dir in dirs)
        yield return dir;
        foreach (var subDir in GetNonSystemDirs(dir))
            yield return subDir;

MSDN links:

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