Oracle – Display contents of Oracle AQ SYS.AQ$_JMS_TEXT_MESSAGE


I have an application that uses JMS op top of Oracle advanced queuing. I would like to do a query on the queue table that shows the content of the message (which in my case is XML). So when I do a 'select user_data from [queue_table]' I get 'AQ SYS.AQ$_JMS_TEXT_MESSAGE' as a response.

Is there a function so that the contents of this message can be shown? Something like 'select FUNCTION(user_data) from [queue_table]' or something?

I googled, scanned numerous Oracle articles about queuing, but I cannot find this thing. I suspect there is a simple way to do this, but I cannot find it.

Best Solution

I struggled with this one as well. I've written an answer here: .

Regards, Rob.

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