Django templates: verbose version of a choice


I have a model:

from django.db import models

    ('s', 'Glorious spam'),
    ('e', 'Fabulous eggs'),

class MealOrder(models.Model):
    meal = models.CharField(max_length=8, choices=CHOICES)

I have a form:

from django.forms import ModelForm

class MealOrderForm(ModelForm):
    class Meta:
        model = MealOrder

And I want to use formtools.preview. The default template prints the short version of the choice ('e' instead of 'Fabulous eggs'), becuase it uses

{% for field in form %}
<th>{{ field.label }}:</th>
<td>{{ }}</td>
{% endfor %}.

I'd like a template as general as the mentioned, but printing 'Fabulous eggs' instead.

[as I had doubts where's the real question, I bolded it for all of us :)]

I know how to get the verbose version of a choice in a way that is itself ugly:

{{ form.meal.field.choices.1.1 }}

The real pain is I need to get the selected choice, and the only way coming to my mind is iterating through choices and checking {% ifequals currentChoice.0 %}, which is even uglier.

Can it be done easily? Or it needs some template-tag programming? Shouldn't that be available in django already?

Best Solution

In Django templates you can use the "get_FOO_display()" method, that will return the readable alias for the field, where 'FOO' is the name of the field.

Note: in case the standard FormPreview templates are not using it, then you can always provide your own templates for that form, which will contain something like {{ form.get_meal_display }}.