Do Windows 8 Store Apps (Metro) run in Windows 7 or XP


I want to know whether Metro Applications developed using Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview and .Net FrameWork 4.5 can run in Windows 7 or XP.

Not the normal Windows Form or WPF, I want to know about the all new Metro Apps.

What new things needed to run Metro Apps in Windows XP or Windows 7

Best Solution

What new things needed to run Metro Apps in Windows XP or Windows 7

A virtual machine of Windows 8. Metro apps currently don't run on Windows 7, and definitely don't on Windows XP. According to this thread, it's difficult but might happen eventually:

Keep your eyes out on future Channel 9 videos and on the BCL/CLR blog for more information around the challeges of enabling the Portable Library story, however, I will give a quick summary with regards to ViewModels:

While the ViewModels themselves are defined by the application, they often take dependencies on types (ie INotifyXXXChanged interfaces, ICommand, etc) that live inside the framework. Currently if you look across our multiple .NET platforms (Silverlight, Phone, .NET and now Metro style apps), these all live in different assemblies, and with Metro apps, a different namespace/technology (WinRT). This makes it challeging to give the user a surface area that can compile against and still have it run on all these other platforms. We've got some ideas on how we're going to enable this, however, it requires some work and doesn't come for free.

In saying that, however, we completely see the value and really, really want to do this.

But it's not currently possible. At best, you could just make a desktop app version of the same thing.