R – Does anyone commit Qt to their own source control


Does anyone commit Qt to their own source control? If so, how do you do it? Do you commit the whole Qt directory or do you pick only the ones that your application needs (bin/lib/include/src)

How do you handle the case when new Qt version comes out?

I'm asking because I'm trying to setup Build automation and Qt moc is a bit of a pain…and just wondering how people handle committing 3rd party library in general.

Best Solution

At my company we don't commit Qt to source, we compile it separately on build machines and then link to it in the project, whether that's C++, Java (Jambi) or Python (PyQt).

At the build/package stage, our build tools note the dependencies and include DLLs, etc as needed. If you're interested, we're using CMake by Kitware.


It has the added benefit of being cross-platform. Depending on your project size, consider the complementary tools CPack, CTest, and CDash also by Kitware. (Disclaimer: I don't work for Kitware, but I do help program a project that depends on some of Kitware's products).

I have also heard of some people having great success using Qt's own QMake tool, which should come with the source distribution of Qt.