R – Downloading an entire folder from the server to iPhone


Is it possible to download an entire folder of files from my server to the user's iPhone rather than just one file at a time?

Also, is the NSURLConnection class the way to go?

Also, should I be using an HTTP path or an ftp path? (I've gotten the download of a single file to work with the HTTP, but don't know how to with the ftp or even if I should bother.

I'm trying to implement the StoreKit and I understand that after I get payment verification, it is my responsibility to provide the additional content to the user's iPhone. That's the part I'm currently stuck on – downloading that content from my server.

The reason for my request is that I must download a large number of files (which is a variable number of files) and it would be vastly easier if I could just specify the path to the folder and download that folder and everything in it intact.

Any help would be very appreciated.

Best Solution

You can download zip files and unzip it with ZipArchive