R – Easiest way to collect revision history since last merge in Subversion


I usually commit multiple changes to my branch and merge to trunk occasionally. I'd like to keep all my commit messages in the latest revision note of the final trunk merge. I don't want to memorize revision numbers or anything I simply want "all commit messages to the branch since the last merge to trunk" collected together in an editable fashion before I commit.

Since this information is available only in mergeinfo I think this has to be provided by client. I didn't find this feature in TortoiseSVN, SVN Monitor or command line client. Any chances I'm missing something obvious?

Best Solution

I hope I understood your requirement correctly. You can try the following steps: (via svn commandline client):

  1. svn log -v --stop-on-copy http://myrepo/mybranch gives out a report you can use to find out the revision number representing your last merge from the branch to trunk. (XXXX)

  2. svn log -rXXXX:HEAD http://myrepo/mybranch > commitmessg.txt (Presuming you now want to merge form the HEAD version of your branch into the trunk) - this will collect all your commit messages into the text file. You may want to edit this file to include a meaningful first line like "Merging elements as below" - or "Merging all elements pertaining to the defect fix &&&&" etc., and save.

  3. Perform the merge as usual

  4. While committing the merged files, run svn commit -F commitmessg.txt so the message contains the contents for the text file. (I am not sure of the character limitations for commit messages though)

Hope this helps.


Just figured to do this via tortoiseSVN as well. You can get to the tortoiseSVN-Show Log, select the range of versions you want the log for (using show range button at the bottom). Highlight the report in the message window - right click - copy to clipboard, and paste into a text file. (I liked the format of the commandline output better though.) You can edit this file and use it for the post-merge commit.

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